It's Not Magic

Let's talk about your cell phone. We all have smart phones now, and so I'm sure you've heard someone (or maybe you are that someone) that thinks the government is conspiring to listen to your every move and follow you with ads the minute you think about them.

 So the good news is that this is false, unless you're under some sort of FBI investigation, not even the ISP (Internet Service Provider) can allow such to go down. Everything you see is done with your permission. For example...Do you have a Google account? Then you most likely use google maps, and guess what, that requires location permission, or else the app is useless. Okay so let's break this down...
  1. Every single app on your phone requires you to accept permission terms
  2. You click yes and go about your day. If you never turn your location off in your phone's settings, your location is on (trust me). 
  3. Everything you search is tracked based on advertising bid wars (this is a whole other topic)
  4. So once you've searched for donuts in your hood, you will see the donut ad on FB because that company/business paid for the word "donut"...literally. So anyone in your geographic area that searched for that word will see their ad.
Moral of this story is. If you don't want to be "tracked", turn off your data and location 😅. Don't sweat it, it's harmless. If you really want to make "them" mad just don't click on those shoe ads that are following you that you searched for last week. 


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